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Force 3D

The Force 3D are powerful 3-DLP® video-projectors dedicated to elite home-cinema rooms. Thanks to its 3D compatibility and the extraordinary combination of picture quality and high brightness, the Force 3D projectors have the extra horsepower to light up very large screens.

The Force 3D Series are available with a large panel of 3D compatible inputs, from the popular HDMI 1.4 to the professional dual HD-SDI input.

Force 3D


Force 3D Series

  • 3-chip, Full-HD projector
  • High brightness dual lamp with SLM™
  • Combine extreme performances in both 2D and 3D
  • Advanced video-processing with True Cinema Black™
  • Advanced Real White setup
  • Advanced 3D setting menu
  • Professional calibration menu
  • 99 configurable profiles and up to 8 video inputs
  • Fully motorized Pro-Grade lens
  • High precision Vertical and Horizontal shift with keystone correction
  • RS-232 / 422 serial control for an easier home integration
  • Compact and high efficiency design

Thanks to their dual lamp and high efficiency light engine, the Force Series can accommodate XXL screen sizes from 100" to 680" diagonal (2.2 m to 15 m wide). They are extremely quiet and compact for a projector of this kind, definitely the ultimate and most valuable choice for every cinema room of exception.

Cinema-like performance

The association of the full-glass Absolute HD Lens with latest 3-chip DLP® 1080p Full-HD engine gives the best out of any picture. The internal video-processor tremendously enhances the input signal quality, creating at home an unbelievable theatre experience.

High Contrast DLP chip

To sustain the extremely bright output performances for XXL screens, the Force Series come equipped with temperature controlled, extra large DLP chips specially developed for this kind of applications.

3D Projection

The 3D projection delivered by the Blackwing Series is extremely pleasant and relaxing thanks to the Full-HD resolution, the higher refresh rate and the ergonomic shutter glasses.

  • Triple flash 3D ability (up to 144Hz)
  • No color banding
  • No ghosting
  • Glasses available in 3 sizes

Our 3D glasses benefit from the latest ergonomic innovations and technologies used in cinemas. They adopt fast-response liquid crystal lenses to create the best image quality wherever you sit. Higher brightness, more natural colors and greater durability. Weighing only 58 gr (2 oz), their ergonomic design offers optimal comfort for everyone.

3D bandwidth supported:

  • High Bandwidth signal, frame packing on a single input up to 330Mhz pixel clock
  • Twin inputs using 2 separate inputs up to 60 fps per eye
  • HDMI 1.4a formats up to 165Mhz pixel clock

Supported 3D formats:

  • Frame packing up to 120Hz
  • Side-by-side
  • Top & Bottom

Amazing 3D projection

The 3D projection delivered by the Force Series is extremely pleasant and relaxing thanks to the higher refresh rate and the ergonomic shutter glasses.
  • Triple flash 3D ability (144Hz)
  • No color banding
  • No ghosting
  • Glasses available in 3 sizes

Active shutter glass technology

The Force 3D Series use, just like in 3D cinemas, active shutter glasses technology to easily switch between 2D and 3D projection without quality loss.

Advanced 3D setup

The Force 3D Series come with a dedicated menu for 3D settings to optimize the synchronization with any kind of 3D sources using HDMI 1.4, DVI-D, VGA or HD-SDI.
  • Dark Interval
  • 3D Sync delay
  • Frame delay
  • Eye-Motion Filter

Modular Design


Thanks to its modular design, the Force Series projectors can be accommodated with a large choice of inputs to perfectly fit particular needs, same when it comes to adapt the projection distance or options such as cinemascope projection or 3D syncro system:

Choose and combine up to 4 input slots between:

  • Analog BNC: RGBHV or YPbPr
  • Dual-link DVI (DVI, HDCP + Sub-D15)
  • Twin HDMI (2x HDMI in, 2x HDMI out)
  • Dual SD/HD-SDI (2x SDI inputs)
  • Standard Video (1x Composite, 2x S-Video, 1x Component)

Select a lens between the 8 available:

  • Absolute HD Fixed Lenses for rear projection and short throws
  • Absolute HD Motorized Lenses for medium to long throws

Large panel of available accessories:

  • 3D Cinema Kit (large scale IR system)
  • Pack of 10x Glasses
  • 2D to 3D Video converter
  • Anamorphic Kit for Cinemascope projection
  • Force Power Isolator
  • Dust Filter
  • Ceiling Mount

Plug and Play Inputs

  • Universal Input slots
  • Hot Swapable
  • Auto-detection and auto-configuration
  • Each input can be assigned to a profile

Smart Lamplife Management


The Force Series projectors come with an intelligent dual Lamp power management that gives the option to operate with one or two lamps. This exclusive system of using two separate lamps makes also possible to hot swap a lamp at any moment without interrupting the show.

Force Anamorphic Kit

  • Easy setup and installation
  • Premium grade, 7" diam. lens
  • Permanent installation
  • 16:9 - 2.35:1 aspect ratio
  • Both 2D and 3D anamorphic supported

Order number:

  • Force One 3D
    6000 lumens
  • R9010102
  • Force Two 3D
    10 000 lumens
  • R9010104
  • Force
    Anamorphic Kit
  • T9002014
  • Analog BNC
  • R1018309
  • Dual-link DVI
  • R1018312
  • Twin HDMI
  • R1018311
  • Dual SD/HD-SDI
  • R1018313
  • Standard Video
  • R1018310
  • Absolute Lens
    0.67:1 (fixed)
  • R9841110
  • Absolute Lens
    1.1:1 (fixed)
  • R9841117
  • Absolute Lens
    1.16 - 1.49
  • R9841111
  • Absolute Lens
    1.4 - 1.8
  • R9841112
  • Absolute Lens
    1.8 - 2.6
  • R9841113
  • Absolute Lens
    2.6 - 4.1
  • R9841114
  • Absolute Lens
    4.1 - 6.9
  • R9841115
  • Absolute Lens
    6.9 - 10.4
  • R9841116
  • Force 3D Kit
  • R1048200
  • Force 3D Glasses
    10x pieces
  • R1048210
  • 2D to 3D
    Digital converter
  • R1048500
  • Power Isolator
  • R1048300
  • Dust Filter
  • R1048100
  • Ceiling Mount
    for Force Series
  • R9800108
  • Extension
    for Ceiling Mount
  • R9800109
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