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Equipped with the latest High Definition DLP™ chip, the CineVERSUM 80 with Master is the ultimate compact home cinema projection solution. With its precision optics, the CineVERSUM 80 becomes the projector of choice for screens between 80" and 100" diagonal (180 cm to 220 cm wide).

The CineVERSUM Master, state-of-the-art video processor, is linked to the projector by means of a single unobtrusive digital cable. The European design and solid aluminum finishing makes this combination the ideal choice for a stylish, discrete integration in any home.

User Manual for Cineversum System (R5976490, PDF format - 1.6 Mo)

Installation Manual for Cineversum System (R5976468, PDF format - 5.9 Mo)

RS-232 Control Protocol for Cineversum System (PDF format - 568 Ko)

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